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About the Bus and Coach Industry

Buses and coaches represent the most important mode of public transport. Every day, more Australians are transported by bus and coach on the nation’s road network than are moved by rail, even in our largest capital cities.

Buses provide an alternative travel choice to the car for people’s daily commute and other travel purposes which in turn addresses the challenges of congestion and its economic impacts in our urban and regional centres.
Buses also provide a vital lifeline for individuals and communities, promoting social inclusion and access to education, healthcare, employment and social opportunities.

Based on industry surveys undertaken by the Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) since 2016, it is estimated that the bus and coach industry in Australia directly employs more than 85,000 people in a range of jobs including drivers, mechanics, engineers, skilled production workers and transport professionals in various specialised fields such as planning and service delivery.
The bus and coach industry is predominantly based around the provision of school bus and public transport (route) services that are provided under state and territory government contractual arrangements. These contracted services are primarily provided by privately owned international and domestic bus and coach businesses, with a small percentage of bus fleets being government owned and operated.
The industry also provides contracted government services such as special school transport for children with disabilities and coach services where the rail network does not exist.
The bus industry is also becoming involved in other emerging markets such as aged care, health and para-transit.
The bus and coach industry provide services, in what might be termed, the ‘deregulated’ market providing charter, tourism, long distance, mining, correctional services, airline and airport services and other specialised services that support other industries.
The last few years has seen a period of transition and disruption of traditional transport service provision generally, such as Uber. The bus and coach industry has not been isolated from this disruption and has been active in exploring new areas of transport service connectivity and delivery with a range of vehicle types, modes and providers.

The BIC believes there is an increasing role of the federal government in cities - their functionality and sustainability, regional development and connectivity, the importance of transport and how we move people as a nation. There can be no doubt as to the increasing and important role for the federal government in public transport with bus service provision forming a critical part of the solutions to the challenges for growing Australian cities, regional centres and remote areas.  


Moving People

Our Moving People vision:

The BIC’s vision is to enhance the sustainability and liveability of Australia’s cities and regions by moving people using bus and coach transportation.

We aim to do this by representing the collective interests of our members and to assist them in promoting the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of bus and coach transport in Australia.  

Our Moving People Objectives

  • Encourage investment in public transport infrastructure and services.
  • Promote policies and actions that are environmentally responsible.
  • Promote the development of a viable and improved bus and coach industry in Australia.
  • Foster and promote a viable bus and coach manufacturing industry.
  • Protect the business interests of operators, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Promote public understanding of the contribution made by the bus and coach industry to Australia’s economy, society and environment.
  • Ensure the accessibility and mobility needs of Australian’s are met, regardless of where they live or their circumstances.
  • Promote the use of public transport as a viable alternative to the car.
  • Coordinate and make more effective existing federal, state and local government policies and programs that relate to passenger transport. 
  • Ensure that buses and coaches operate safely and effectively.



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